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Corporate social responsibility

Global Solar embraces corporate social responsibility and has established its CSR arm FLAMES which is being headed by Phyllis Rugare. FLAMES will be run by a 7 member board of directors appointed by Global Solar Pvt. Ltd from the industry and commerce. The chairperson of the board shall always be one of Global Solar directors. FLAMES will cover all energy needs of poor and marginalized communities in Zimbabwe who cannot be reached through Global Solar profit making business model. Global Solar is the technical and funding partner of FLAMES but shall not only be limited to Global Solar vote. Global Solar targets to fund at least 75% budget of FLAMES by 2020.

FLAMES will register as a Private Voluntary organization and will implement its activities independently.

FLAMES is an acronym for: For - Less Privileged - And - Marginalized - Energy - Services.


Sponsered the Alheit High School prize giving day in 2015

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